Dogs of Sky Ranch

Ranches are places full of life. Mother Nature intersects with crops, farm animals and ranch families sustain each other, and most often, a ranch dog is there at the helm keeping a watchful eye over it all. Over the decades, Sky Ranch has had a few beloved dogs who contributed to the life and heart of our operations, and we wanted to remember them here.

Dogs Of Sky Ranch 1


Sparky was a keen-eyed Fox Terrier who was there from the beginning, when Sky Ranch went from 80 acres for sale to the living, growing dream of Lee Perry as he worked to make the land a success.  Year after year Lee and Sparky were a dynamic team as Lee built his home and expanded the ranch, and Sparky inspired everyone with his energy and joie d’vivre. Then came that fateful night in 1995 when a monstrous fire ripped through the structures of Sky Ranch, nearly taking the life of brave Sparky up in its flaming mouth. But just in the nick of time came Lee, busting down the door with his foot and whisking Sparky off to safety. Lee couldn’t save the buildings, but the orchard and vineyard were unscathed and together, Sparky and Lee rebuilt the ranch. The fire was quite an adventure, and Sparky loved to tell that story until the day he passed away, years later, peacefully in his sleep. 

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Lee and Sparky were on walkabout one cloudless afternoon when they found a terrified Collie-mutt tied to a fence, badly injured and abandoned.  Without hesitation, Lee carried him home and gave him a name, “Jack”. After some food, medical attention, and a whopping dose of love and affection, Jack made a beautiful recovery and lived out his days as the best one-eyed ranch dog you could hope for. 

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Living on a ranch with nature all around, there are a lot of critters that could potentially come crawling through an open window, but never did we expect a Chihuahua to be one of them! Imagine Lee’s surprise to find this little dog who had climbed in the window like Goldilocks, but there she was, hungry and dehydrated and determined not to leave. This became Princess, our rescue dog who rescued herself, then never left Lee’s side.

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As a Great Dane, Howard has a mighty presence and a heart as a big as the mountain he lives on. After a crew of lap-sized companions, in size Howard is unlike any of the Ranch’s previous rescue dogs, but in love and loyalty, he fits right in.

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Dog Policy at Sky Ranch

As you can see on our Dogs of Sky Ranch page, we love pups, but in order to ensure the safest possible conditions for your pet, our ranch animals, and the local wildlife, we do not encourage you to bring your dog. Due to potentially very hot conditions, dogs are never permitted to be left in cars at the Ranch. Service dogs and other exceptions are allowed on private tours if arrangements are made while making reservations. Please email for information. If you do have your dog, please be aware of the abundance of wildlife in the area, including deer and snakes, as well as our own chickens, goats and peacocks. Dogs who are on the Ranch for any amount of time must be kept on a leash.