Kissed by the clouds Sky Ranch is located 2,000 ft above sea level on a ridge separating Napa and Solano County. Our Vineyards and Orchard are grown on a south west slope where the unique soil composition and weather conditions create a microclimate that produces European style wines and olive oil with a kiss of California.

Where there is no wine, there is no love.

— Euripides

The Sky Ranch Experience

Inspired by the exquisite vineyards and architecture of Italy, Sky Ranch connects you to an old world European feeling while you savor our small-batch olive oil and sip our award-winning wine, all grown right here in Northern California. Nestled on a ridge 2,000 feet above sea level between Napa and Solano County, the vineyards and orchards of Sky Ranch flourish in the unique soil composition and Mediterranean microclimate of Vaca Mountain.  It is this alchemy of sun, fog, sea air, and mountain soil that creates the distinctly European character in our grapes and prized Frantoio olives, and we invite you to taste the difference.  If more than just your palate is feeling adventurous, why not come for a visit and experience Sky Ranch for yourself and see first hand how grapes and olives have been grown throughout the world for centuries.

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